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Home Improvement Tips

Home improvements and remodeling are excellent ways to add resale value to a home. They also add to your own personal enjoyment of your home if you’re not planning on selling any time soon. Home improvement can seem overwhelming at first but by following some important guidelines it can be easier, affordable and rewarding to you and your family.

DIY or Contractor?

The first thing to decide is whether you are comfortable performing the work yourself. If it’s a simple home repair project, the DIY route may be easier and cheaper. On the other hand, if you have very little experience in this area or if the job is just too big, home improvement contractors are a better option. Do you want to get in contact with a local contractor? Click on one of the categories above.

Get Multiple Quotes

When working with home improvement contractors, it’s crucial to get a second opinion. A third, fourth and fifth opinion are good, too. Different contactors have their own methods for pricing a job and their quotes might vary by hundreds of dollars or more. By getting multiple quotes, you can “comparison shop” your contractors and get the best deal possible for your home renovation. can help you get up to 4 free quotes from local contractors.

Understand Cost versus Value

Not all home renovation projects are created equally and you won’t always see increases in your home’s value after an upgrade. If you are only performing renovations to increase resale value, stick to surefire winning projects like bathroom and kitchen remodeling. These two rooms generate the highest return on investment among all areas of home remodeling. Other things like adding a swimming pool or updating windows might add to your family’s enjoyment or save money, but they will definitely not pay for themselves at resale.

Establish a Budget

Before buying materials or calling a contractor, it’s important to figure out how much you can really afford to spend. Research the cost of materials online, talk to family, friends and coworkers about similar home improvement experiences and take a long hard look at the project at hand. It’s important to do all you can to get an idea of the cost and what you can afford. Also, understand that these projects frequently go over budget, so plan for that as well.

Be Flexible

Home improvements can become pricy very quickly as time and materials add up. Another way to save money and avoid stress during home remodeling is to stay flexible regarding the materials used in the project. Hardwood floors have a warm, inviting look, for example, but they are harder to install and the materials cost a lot more. Laminate flooring costs far less and is a lot easier to snap in place. Another example is countertops. Sure, granite has a rich look, but it comes with a rich price. Composite materials are available that can approximate the granite look but without the granite price. Be flexible and save money.

Updating your home to increase its value, or to simply increase your family’s enjoyment of it, can be as easy or as hard as you let it. By understanding cost versus value, choosing the right contractor and properly setting your own expectations regarding cost and materials, your home repair project can be an affordable, easy, gratifying experience.

Get up to 4 free quotes and compare prices from local contractors by clicking on one of the ten categories above.


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