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Whether you're setting up a home office or just keeping up technologically, you may notice a decrease in available outlets. Computers and their peripherals all need some amount of electricity to operate. If you’re not experienced, DIY is not a good option. When it comes to electricity, contact a professional.
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Electrical Computer and Wiring Contractors

If you find you're buying extension cords or power strips for every room, it may be time to consider an upgrade to your electrical wiring.

A licensed electrical contractor is the best one to make changes to your home's electrical system.

A trained specialist will know current state and local codes and requirements, and the best way to implement them in different situations. This doesn't mean you can't save money, but it's important to not cut corners on safety.

When you fill in the form on this page you’ll get estimates from up to four different local contractors.

Make sure you understand their policies on pricing parts and other items such as travel time, assembly and project vs. hourly pricing.

When you have the information you need, choose a contractor that can live up to your demands.

The Powerful Foundation: 100 Amp Service

Many older homes have only a 60 amp service. "Service" means the maximum current that the entire house can draw from the electrical grid.

The largest determiners of your maximum amperage are large-current appliances such as washing machines, dryers, microwaves, stoves and air conditioners.

Insurance companies may not be hunting and canceling homeowners with 60 amp service. However, a policy might not be renewed, a new policy approved or worse, a claim denied.

This would be a nasty surprise.

Outlets, Peripherals and Surge Protection

Do you have enough outlets for your computer wiring? Are they where they need to be?

Consider how many peripherals you have, as well as what they're for. You may be able to plug a computer, monitor and a few smaller peripherals into a surge protector; adding a laser printer and a lamp could push the limits of its protection.

It's also possible that another computer in the house, say, the family computer, is on the same electrical circuit as your working computer's outlets.

It will have its own set of peripherals; all that amperage could "trip" the scales.

Ways to Save Money

You may save by asking the electrical contractors to bid the job with you providing the parts.

Electricians typically mark up the parts that they use, as they have to put the time, effort and cash into sourcing materials before they are paid. Make sure you know what you need, so as to avoid making the contractor wait while you scoot to the store for something forgotten or picked incorrectly!

If you have do-it-yourself experience, friendly electrical contractors may even allow you to assemble the outlets, saving him some time.

Also, find out what time the technician starts work on a typical day, and schedule the start time at that time, to avoid having to pay the travel time on the electrician jobs.

Know what you can handle and be willing to trust the pro with the rest!

Remember that the professional technician is there to help, and since his name will be on the inspection, his reputation may be the one on the line.

Be understanding of their company policies and make a teammate of your electrical contractor.


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