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Replacing or repairing your roof is better done sooner than later. When you see signs that your roof needs to be fixed, have professional to look at it. It can save you a lot of money. Also, you may receive a federal-tax credit of up to $1500 on qualifying energy-efficient roofing materials. Act now, before this offer ends.
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Roofing – Repair Old or Install New

If your roof is leaking, that’s a definite sign that you need to replace it. Then you need to get the job done right away to prevent further damage.

However, if you identify problems on an earlier stage and take preventive action, you can avoid water damage and the cost of having the roof replaced.

Repairing it may be all you need to do at that early stage.

The clever thing to do is to contact a roofer before the damage is there. By filling out the form on this page, you will get an estimate from up to four local contractors.

Compare the offers and get someone over to your house to examine the state of your roof. In the long run, you’ll benefit from having it done now.

Signs That Your Roof May Begin to Leak

There are some early signs that there might be a problem with your roof. Any homeowner should be aware of these:

  • Age of Your Roof: If you live in an old house, be aware of the state of your roof. All roofs have to be replaced or repaired some time.
  • Torn or Missing Shingles: If some roofing shingles are torn or missing, the roof becomes exposed to rot and water damage, and the possibility of nearby shingles being blown away increases. Also, old shingles may split, curl, lack waterproofing effectiveness – and can easily be blown away by the wind.
  • Damages to Flashing: Flashing is the metal roofing that surrounds, skylights, chimneys and vent pipes, and it is frequently placed where the sections of the roof meet. The roof may begin to leak if the flashing is missing of rusted.
  • The state inside: Inside your home, look for peeling wallpaper, cracked paint or discolored plasterboard.
  • Pans, Gutters and Spouts: Remember to check your splash pans, gutters and downspouts for signs of damage or decay. You may find scraps of shingle or pieces of paint that have broken off.

What to Do When You Need Roofing

Your two main choices are removing the old roof or putting a new roof over it. As a rule, the latter option costs less but it may not last as long as roof replacement.

Also, if your roof has more than two layers, it can become very cumbersome, and the sub-layers may rot, causing the roof to be unstable.

This partly explains why replacing or repairing a roof can turn into a home-improvement failure.

To avoid this, you need to contact reliable roofing contractors to determine what is best for you. You will benefit from doing the job properly rather than a “quick fix” – it’s usually followed by yet another “quick fix.”

Get an estimate above to have a professional’s view on your house.

Paying for the Job

If you can’t afford to pay for the project, think about financing it with home equity.

In addition, if the old roof has to be removed and the roof deck show signs of rot or has settled, it will also have to be repaired.

At the same time, consider the roof’s slope to ascertain if you’re getting optimal drainage.

Remember that using high quality roofing material and having it properly installed should ensure that your new roof will last for 50 years.


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