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      A-WALL Building Systems
      Aeroflex Isolator Products Group
      Allenair Corp.
      ATAS International, Inc.
      BarnettBates Corporation
      BRD Noise and Vibration Control, Inc.
      Brinmar Industrial Sewing
      C/S Group
      California Dynamics Corporation
      Ceco Building Systems
      CID Associates, Inc.
      Coolbreeze Air
      Copper Sales, Inc.
      EDPAC International Ltd.
      Evertire Inc
      Flexospan Steel Buildings, Inc.
      Fluid Kinetics
      Industrial Accoustics Company
      Industrial Louvers, Inc.
      Karp Associates, Inc.
      Mason Industries, Inc.
      ME Products Company
      NDS, Inc.
      PeterPaul Electronics Co. Inc.
      Plymouth Products Inc.
      RG Group
      Safety Storage, Inc.
      Senior Flexonics Inc.
      Taylor Devices, Inc.
      Whirlwind Steel Buildings, Inc.
      Williams Brothers Corporation
      ZOOK Enterprises


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