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      A/C Covers Inc.
      AAON, Inc.
      Addison Products Company
      Advanced Misting Systems
      Advanced Radiant Systems, Inc. (ARS)
      Aerotech Herman Nelson, Inc.
      AESYS Technologies, LLC
      Air Cleaner Wholesale
      Air Enterprises
      Air Handlers (Maldon) Ltd.
      Air Handling Systems
      Air Rover
      Aitken Products, Inc.
      Alfa Laval
      Allied Support Systems
      AMCO (American Moistening Company)
      American Concrete Pipe Association
      American Energy Exchange, Inc. (AEX)
      American Excelsior Co.
      American Standard
      Arizona Mist Outdoor Cooling Systems
      Baltimore Aircoil
      Baltimore Aircool
      Bard Manufacturing Company
      Berner International Corporation
      Bioclimatic Air Systems
      Black Gold Corporation
      Blueprint Plumbing and Heating
      Brazetek Heat Exchangers
      Bull Moose Tube
      Byline Engineered Systems
      Cadet Manufacturing
      Caihong Pipe Company, Ltd.
      Calmac Manufacturing Corporation
      Car-Mon Products, Inc.
      Carnes Company
      Champion Cooler Corporation
      Chicago Blower Corporation
      Chromalox, Inc.
      Citec Denco
      Coil Company
      Cold Point and Adirondack Aire
      Colmac Coil Manufacturing, Inc.
      comitale national, inc.
      Cool Cap
      Coolbreeze Air
      CST Ltd.
      Custom Controls Company
      Dalton Electric Heating Co., Inc.
      Dectron Internationale
      Delhi Industries, Inc.
      Delta-Therm Corporation
      Des Champs Laboratories, Inc.
      Detroit Radiant Products Company
      Doucette Industries, Inc.
      Dunham-Bush, Inc.
      Dunn Heat Exchangers, Inc.
      Duro Dyne
      Dynalene Heat Transfer Fluids
      E. J. Bowman Ltd.
      ECR International
      EDPAC International Ltd.
      Edwards Engineering Corp.
      Embassy Industries, Inc.
      Enviromaster International LLC
      ERDCO Engineering Corporation
      Eucania International, Inc.
      EWC Controls Inc.
      Explosion Proof Equipment
      Fedders Corporation
      FHP Manufacturing
      Floor Heatech, Inc.
      Flškt Woods Group
      Focus Technology Co., Ltd.
      Frees, Inc.
      Fujitsu General America, Inc.
      Fulton Companies
      Galaxy Machinery Ind. Co. Ltd.
      Gaumer Process Heaters, Systems, and Controls
      General Aire
      Gledhill Thermal Storage Ltd
      Glenro Inc.
      Gooch Thermal Systems
      Governair Corporation
      Graham Corporation
      Heat Exchange Applied Technology, Inc.
      Heat Exchanger Products Corp. (HEPCO)
      Heat Exchanger Systems GmbH
      Heat Pipe Technology, Inc.
      Heatcraft Refrigeration Products
      High Performance Tube, Inc.
      Hudson Products
      Hughes-Treitler Manufacturing Corporation
      Ice Kube Heat Systems
      Infloor Heating Systems
      IPEX, Inc.
      Island Mist
      Isolate, Inc.
      Jack Heckman Tube Company, Inc.
      Jaybird Manufacturing, Inc.
      Johnson Controls, Inc.
      Johnson Corporation
      Johnson MarCraft, Inc.
      KAM Thermal Equipment, Ltd.
      Kemco Systems
      Kennedy Tank and Manufacturing Co., Inc.
      Leslie Controls, Inc.
      Lintern Corporation
      M & I Air Systems Engineering
      Marley Engineered Products
      Marlow Industries, Inc.
      Mars Air Products
      Mee Industries, Inc.
      Mestek, Inc.
      Mitternight Boiler Works, Inc.
      Modine Manufacturing Company
      Modular Radiant Technology
      MP Tube Works
      Munters America
      Myson Radiators Ltd.
      National Tube
      Niagara Blower Company
      NUHEAT Industries Ltd.
      NY Thermal, Inc.
      Ogden Manufacturing Company
      Orbit Manufacturing Company
      Osram Sylvania
      Paratherm Corporation
      Parkaire Engineering Co. Ltd.
      PeopleMisters International
      Performance Air Products, Inc.,
      Pietro Fiorentini
      Pneumadyne, Inc.
      Polar Industries Ltd.
      Premier Industrial Evaporative Coolers
      Profins Ltd.
      ProFog International, Inc.
      PVI Industries, LLC
      Quietaire Inc.
      R.P. Adams Company, Inc.
      Radco Industries
      Radiant Electric Heat, Inc.
      Raydot Incorporated
      Reimers Electra Steam, Inc.
      RenewAire Energy Recovery Ventilation
      RG Group
      Robur Corporation.
      Rome-Turney Radiator Company
      RTI - PEX Piping Systems
      Ruffneck Heaters
      Runtal North America, Inc.
      Safe-Aire Systems
      Schwank Inc.
      Scientific Systems Corporation
      SCM Frigo
      SEMCO Incorporated
      Sen-Dure Products, Inc.
      Sentry Equipment Corp.
      Shinhan Corporation
      Smith Fibercast
      Solaronics Inc.
      Solid State Heating Company, Inc. (SSHC)
      Sparks Technology, Inc.
      Spray-Mist Systems
      Sprinkool Systems International, Inc.
      Standard-Hayes Boiler & Tank, LLC
      STEP Warmfloor
      Stirling Technology, Inc.
      Stulz Air Technology Systems, Inc. (SATS)
      Summit Manufacturing
      Sun Air Conditioning, Inc.
      Sun-El Corporation
      Tandem Chillers
      TEMA Indian Ltd.
      Thermal Electric Elements
      Thermal Systems (Hyderabad) Pvt. Ltd.
      Therminol Heat Transfer Fluids
      Thermo-Cycler Industries, Inc.
      Trane Company
      Turbotec Products, Inc.
      Twin City Fan Companies, Ltd.
      UFUK Pipe
      Universal Gas Bolt Heater
      Vanguard Piping Systems, Inc.
      Venmar CES, Inc.
      VentDepot International Corporation
      Ventilation Specialists, Inc.
      Vision Metals, Inc.
      Visoka Engineering Private Ltd.
      Warm Floor Center
      Warm Floors, Inc.
      Warmboard, Inc.
      Warmly, Inc.
      Watts Radiant
      Weather Crafts Ltd.
      Webco Industries
      Whalen Company
      Wirsbo Systems
      Wolverine Tube, Inc.
      Yixiong Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.
      York International, Inc.


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