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      Abatement Technologies
      Advanced Misting Systems
      Air Cleaner Wholesale
      Air Cleaning Technologies, Inc.
      Air Handling Systems
      Air Kontrol 2
      Airex Corporation
      American Air Filter (AAF)
      Aqua-Air Technologies, Inc.
      Big-Dipper / Thermaco, Inc.
      Bioclimatic Air Systems
      Bioclimatic, Inc.
      Brown & Brown Insurance
      Camfil Farr
      Car-Mon Products, Inc.
      Clean Air America
      Custom Controls Company
      Dayus Register & Grille, Inc.
      Dectron Inc.
      Dundee Products
      Duro Dyne
      Dust Free, Inc.
      E.L. Foust Co.
      Eucania International, Inc.
      EWC Controls Inc.
      Fedders Corporation
      Filtration Group
      Fisher Enterprises
      Flair Corporation
      Frees, Inc.
      Galaxy Machinery Ind. Co. Ltd.
      General Aire
      Halco Products Company
      Heat Pipe Technology, Inc.
      International Air Filtration (IAF)
      Isolate, Inc.
      Jinhai Sanxi
      La-Man Corporation
      LakeAir Interntaional, Inc.
      Lintern Corporation
      MAC Equipment, Inc.
      Natural Electric Import and Export Company
      Newtron Products Company
      Officine Rigamonti
      Purafil, Inc.
      Pure Air Systems, Inc.
      R.P. Adams Company, Inc.
      Raydot Incorporated
      Safe-Aire Systems
      Scientific Systems Corporation
      Seneca Environmental Products, Inc.
      Sparks Technology, Inc.
      Steelcraft Corp.
      Steril-Aire, Inc.
      Trion, Inc.
      Ultrafilter International
      United Air Specialists, Inc.
      Ventilation Specialists, Inc.


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