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      Air Monitor Corporation
      Airflow Direction Incorporated
      Alnor Instrument Company
      Alon Surface Technologies
      American Sigma
      ASI Controls
      Auto Tran, Inc.
      Automated Logic Corporation
      BPMS (Backflow Prevention Management Software)
      Cambridge Accusense, Inc.
      Canatal International, Inc.
      Contrec Europe Ltd.
      Cool Air Incorporated
      Crane Valve Group
      Custom Controls Company
      Danfoss International
      DE-STA-CO Manufacturing
      Dickson Monitoring Systems
      Dunn Heat Exchangers, Inc.
      Duro Dyne
      EDPAC International Ltd.
      Genesis International, Inc.
      Goodway Technologies
      Henry Pratt Company
      Hoffer Flow Controls
      ISE-MagTech, Inc.
      Jarecki Valves, Inc.
      Jordan Valve
      KD Engineering, Inc.
      Kemco Systems
      Kobold Instruments, Inc.
      Koolfog Misting System, Inc.
      Krohne, Inc.
      Magnetrol International
      Mechanical Research & Design, Inc.
      MPB Industries Ltd.
      Neola Corporation
      NGT Valves
      Non Metallic Resources, Inc. (NMR)
      Pipeline Pigging Products
      Pneumadyne, Inc.
      Precision Dynamics
      Prime Valves
      Ramer Products, Inc.
      Refrigeration Technologies
      Retrotec Inc.
      Saab Tank Control
      Saejung Nice Valves
      Scientific Devices (Bombay) Pvt. Ltd.
      Sentech Corporation
      Sentry Equipment Corp.
      Sirco Controls Ltd.
      Solartron Mobrey Ltd.
      Solid State Heating Company, Inc. (SSHC)
      Sono-Tek Corporation
      STP Limited Pipe Protection Services Division
      Sumitec International, Inc.
      T.D. Williamson, Inc.
      Taiwan Valve Company Ltd.
      Tri Flo, Inc.
      Triple 5 Industries, LLC
      U-Tech Environmental Manufacturing Supply, Inc. (UEMSI)
      Vaughn Manufacturing Corporation
      Weiss Instruments, Inc.
      XUROX Butterfly Valves
      York International, Inc.
      Zesta Engineering Ltd.


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