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      2M Kablo Cable Co.
      A.L.P. Lighting Components
      Advantor Corporation
      Aerospace Wire & Cable, Inc.
      Alconex Specialty Products, Inc.
      Allied Wire & Cable
      Alpha Wire Company
      American Insulated Wire Corp.
      Anamet Electrical, Inc.
      Anderson Power Products
      Apple International
      Appleton Electric
      Autac Retractable Cables
      AVP Manufacturing and Supply
      B4 Sales,LLC
      Baliga Lighting Equipment, Ltd.
      Belden, Inc.
      Bridgeport Insulated Wire Company
      CABEL (Industria Venezolana de Cables Eléctricos, C. A.)
      Cable Components Group, LLC
      Cable Corporation of India Ltd. (CCI)
      Cable Design Technologies (CDT)
      Cable USA, Inc.
      Calvert Company
      Capro, Inc.
      Caravan Park Electrical Services Ltd.
      Carrio Cabling Corporation
      Champlain Cable
      Charoong Thai Wire & Cable Public Company Limited (CTW)
      Chung Woo Rope
      Cobra Wire & Cable, Inc.
      Coleman Cable
      Colonial Wire and Cable, Inc.
      Computer Environments, Inc.
      Condumex, Inc.
      Cooper Wiring Devices
      Cord Master Engineering
      Cord Sets Incorporated
      Cord Specialties Co.
      Cords Cable Industries Ltd.
      Dacon Systems, Inc.
      Dearborn Wire and Cable/CDT
      Delton Cables Limited
      Draka USA
      Draka-Molex Cabling Systems
      Eastern Wire and Conduit
      Electri-Flex Company
      Electro Cable Egypt Company
      Electro Cables, Inc.
      Elproman AB Specialkabelhuset
      Ericson Safety Electrical Specialties
      ETCO Incorporated
      eX-Tech Manufacturing
      Fujikura America, Inc.
      Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.
      General Cable
      General Cable Industries (GCI)
      Genesis Cable Systems, L.L.C.
      Genlyte Thomas Group, LLC
      Gepco International, Inc.
      Griplock Cable Suspension Systems
      Guangzhou Lingnan Cable Company Ltd.
      Hangzhou Linan Wanli Telecom Cable Factory
      Harbour Industries
      Helenic Cables S.A.
      Hendrix Wire and Cable, Inc.
      Hindustan Cables Limited
      Houston Wire and Cable Company
      Intermagnetics General Corporation
      J & L Wire Products, Inc.
      Jordan New Cable Company (JNC)
      Judd Wire, Inc
      Kanthal Palm Coast
      Keedex, Inc.
      Kerite Company
      Keystone Electric Wire and Cable Company, Ltd.
      Kris-Tech Wire Company
      L.C. International
      Lapp USA
      Laurel Wire Company, Inc.
      Lauria and Hill Technologies
      Lou Marks & Sons, Inc.
      Lutron Electronics Company, Inc.
      Man Boon Manufactury Ltd.
      Maxcess Technologies, Inc.
      Methode Electronics, Inc.
      Mettex Electric
      Microfil Industries SA
      Midcon Cables Company
      Multi/Cable Corporation
      National Cables
      National Wire & Cable Corporation
      Nexans Interface
      Nortech Systems
      Northwire Inc.
      Okonite Company
      Omni Cable
      Owl Wire & Cable, Inc.
      Pan-International Wire and Cable
      Paramount Wire Co
      Peppers Cable Glands Limited
      Piggott Wire and Cable Specialists
      Pookin Lighting
      Prime Wire and Cable
      Q-Flex Cables and Softwares Ltd.
      Quirk Wire Company
      Rei Hsing Wire and Cable Co., Ltd.
      Republic Wire, Inc.
      RF Logic
      Rockbestos-Surprenant Cable Corporation
      Rome Cable
      RPG Cables Limited
      Schofield Enterprises
      Seneca Wire and Manufacturing Company
      Service Wire Company
      Shine Metal Co., Ltd.
      Source It Asia (SIA)
      Southwire Company
      Specialty Cable Corporation
      Sta-Lok Terminals Ltd.
      Standard Wire and Cable Company
      Stelwire Ltd.
      Superior Cables Ltd.
      Superior Cables Ltd.
      Superior Essex
      Tate Access Floors, Inc
      Teldor Wires and Cables Ltd.
      Telecables S.A.
      Times Fiber Communications, Inc.
      Tin How Electronics Co. (HK) Ltd.
      TMC Enterprises
      Tri-Net Technology, Inc.
      Tuthill Corporation
      TyRex Group, Ltd.
      United Wire Company
      Wire Rope Corporation of America, Inc. (WRCA)
      Wire Rope Industries Ltd.
      Wireworks Corporation
      Woods Industries, Inc.
      Wujin Gold Electronic Co., Ltd.


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