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      1st Source Lighting
      Abacus Lighting
      Aero Thermic Shields
      Aero Thermic Shields
      AirLight Systems
      ALSTOM Inc.
      American Period Lighting
      American Scientific Lighting (ASL)
      Ammark Corporation
      Antique Street Lamps
      Architectural Area Lighting
      Artistic Lighting & Designs
      Avalanche Ranch Light Company
      Azcor Lighting Systems, Inc.
      B-K Lighting
      Baliga Lighting Equipment, Ltd.
      Bassco Colonial Light Inc.
      Beachside Lighting
      Beacon Products
      Bell Lighting Technologies, Inc.
      Beta Lighting
      Beta-Calco Lighting
      Bevolo Gas Lights
      Bieber Lighting Corporation
      Bistar Lighting Group Co.,Ltd
      Brass Light Gallery
      C. W. Cole & Company, Inc.
      Canlet Non-Metallic Vaporproof Lighting Solutions
      Caravan Park Electrical Services Ltd.
      Carolina Lanterns & Accessories
      Cascade Utility Lights
      Catalina Lighting
      Charleston Lighting and Manufacturing, Inc.
      Charm-Lite Electric Gaslight
      ChoiceDek Decking
      Christopher Wray Lighting
      Classic Illumination, Inc.
      CLI Fixtures
      Color Kinetics
      Construction Services,Inc.
      Copper Mine, Inc.
      Craftsman Outdoor Lighting
      Creative Lighting and Sound Systems
      Cree Lighting
      Custom Sign Creations
      Dabmar Lighting, Inc.
      Designplan Lighting, Inc.
      Dinico Lighting Company
      Diversified Lighting
      Dynamic Lighting, Inc.
      E Lux
      Edko, Inc.
      EEMA Industries
      ELA Lighting, Inc.
      ELCO Lighting
      Electrical Maintenance Lusaka Ltd.
      Electro Elf
      Elliptipar Asymmetric Lighting
      Elsco Lighting Products Ltd.
      Eric Industries, Inc.
      Esco Lighting
      Escort Lighting
      ETAP Lighting
      Evenlite, Inc.
      EverStone Outdoor Lighting
      Fancy Light Company, Inc.
      FarLight, LLC
      Faubourg Lighting
      First Impressions Mid-Atlantic, Inc.
      Flexlite, Inc.
      Fluorescent Company, Inc.
      Focus Industries, Inc.
      FX Luminaire
      Gaslite America West
      GE Lighting
      Genlyte Thomas Group, LLC
      Glass Illuminations, Inc.
      Guth Lighting
      H.E. Williams, Inc.
      HADCO Lighting
      Hanover Lantern, Inc.
      Hayoung Tech
      Herwig Lighting
      Historical Arts and Casting, Inc.
      Hubbell Lighting, Inc.
      Idaho Wood
      IEC Lighting
      In-Lite Design Corporation
      Incon Lighting
      Intermatic Incorporated
      IPEX, Inc.
      J.T. Cooper Studio
      janus doors
      Jian An Lighting
      JJI Lighting Group
      Johnson Art Studio
      Josiah R. Coppersmythe
      Kane Screens
      Kenall Manufacturing Company
      Kerr Lighting
      King Luminaire
      kingdar ceramics co.,ltd
      KW Industries, Inc.
      L&A Metalworks, Inc.
      L.C. Doane Company
      Lamar Lighting Co., Inc
      Ledalite Architectural Products, Inc.
      Legendary Lighting
      Light Corporation
      Lightech, Inc.
      Lighting by Hammerworks
      Lightonix, Inc./Holcor Special Application Lighting
      Line Design Group, Inc.
      Lithonia Lighting
      Lumec, Inc.
      Lumenform Industries, Inc.
      Lumenton Lighting
      Lumenyte International Corporation
      Macer Lighting
      Magnaray International
      Main Street Lighting
      Megabay Lighting Enterprises
      Mercury Lighting Products Company, Inc.
      MICA Lighting Company, Inc.
      Millerbernd Manufacturing Company
      Moretti Electric Works, Ltd. (MEW)
      Moutrie Manufacturing Company
      Musco Lighting
      NeoLite Technologies, Inc.
      Neon King
      Night-Hawk Lighting Products
      Ningbo Liaoyuan Lamp General Corporation
      North Star Lighting, Inc.
      Northwest Pipe Company
      Oceanic Electrical
      OceanSide Coastal Lighting
      Old California Lantern Company
      Orlite Industries
      Outdoor Landscape Lights
      Paraflex Industries
      Pauluhn Electric Mfg. LLP
      Permlight Products, Inc.
      Phoenix Products Company, Inc.
      Poulsen Lighting, Inc.
      Prime Wire and Cable
      Qualite Sports Lighting
      R & R Plastics, Inc.
      Remcraft Lighting Products, Inc.
      Rockscapes, Inc.
      Ronfell Group
      Ruud Lighting, Inc.
      Sea Gull Lighting
      SEPCO--Solar Electric Power Company, Ltd.
      Shakespeare Composites and Electronics
      Skagen Light
      Soft Lighting Systems
      Spectrum Enterprises
      SPJ Lighting
      Spring City
      Square 1 Precision Lighting
      Sterner Lighting
      Stonco Lighting
      Tahoe Lighting
      Technical Consumer Products, Inc. (TCP)
      TEKA Illumination
      Tempest Lighting, Inc.
      Teron Lighting, Inc. (TLI)
      Thomas & Betts
      Thorn Airfield Lighting
      Thorn Lighting
      Tiffany Landscape Lighting
      Traditional Metals
      TransAmerican Power Products, Inc.
      Troll International Lighting Company
      U.S. Architectural Lighting
      U.S. Architectural Lighting
      Union Metal Corporation
      Unique Lighting Systems, Inc.
      Universal Fibre Optics
      USA Light and Electric
      Utility Metals
      Utility Structures, Inc.
      Visa Lighting Corporation
      Visco, Inc.
      Visionaire Lighting
      Visual Effects, Inc.
      Watson Irrigation & Contractor Supply
      Watt Stopper
      West Coast Engineering Group Ltd.
      Winona Lighting, Inc.
      Woods Industries, Inc.
      Woodstock Copperworks Ltd.
      Yekalon Industry Inc
      Yuyao Four Star Lamps Co., Ltd.


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