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      Advanced Lighting Systems, Inc.
      Agilent Technologies
      Astrup Company
      Baliga Lighting Equipment, Ltd.
      Barnett Bates Corporation
      Baut Studios, Inc.
      C.C.E.A. Lights
      Cascade Utility Lights
      ChoiceDek Decking
      Clearvision Lighting Ltd.
      Concealite Emergency Lighting
      Creative Lighting and Sound Systems
      Dabmar Lighting, Inc.
      E Lux
      Electrical Maintenance Lusaka Ltd.
      Energy Efficient Lighting Supply
      Environmental Concepts
      Excellence Opto, Inc. (EOI)
      Genlyte Thomas Group, LLC
      Hayoung Tech
      Historical Arts and Casting, Inc.
      Lamar Lighting Co., Inc
      Ledalite Architectural Products, Inc.
      Lights of America
      Lithonia Lighting
      Luminescent Systems, Inc.
      Manning Lighting
      Megabay Lighting Enterprises
      Moutrie Manufacturing Company
      NeoLite Technologies, Inc.
      Neon King
      Neon Signs Depot
      Pacific Log Homes Ltd.
      Pookin Lighting
      Precision Multiple Controls, Inc.
      Prime Wire and Cable
      Ronfell Group
      Ruud Lighting, Inc.
      SEPCO--Solar Electric Power Company, Ltd.
      Spectrum Enterprises
      Square 1 Precision Lighting
      Stage Equipment And Lighting
      Steeltec, LLC
      Stonco Lighting
      Thorn Airfield Lighting
      Thorn Lighting
      Total Identity Group
      Universal Fibre Optics


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