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      Alan LeQuire: Sculpture
      Alumi-Guard, Inc.
      Ameristar Fence Products
      Amesco, Inc. - Metalico
      Arsco Manufacturing Co.
      ART Research Enterprises, Inc.
      ATAS International, Inc.
      BarnettBates Corporation
      Beck Steel, Inc.
      Big D Metalworks
      Boundary Fence and Railing Systems, Inc.
      C. Sherman Johnson Company, Inc.
      C. W. Cole & Company, Inc.
      C/S Group
      Cambellsville Industries, Inc.
      Cambridge Architectural Mesh
      Ceilings Plus
      Central Denver Ironworks, Inc.
      Century Tube Corporation
      China Newstar Industrial Co., Ltd
      Citadel Architectural Products
      Columbia Cascade Company
      Construction Services,Inc.
      Copper Sales, Inc.
      Couturier Iron Craft, Inc.
      D.J.A. Imports, Ltd. dba Pietrocola & Sons
      Decorative Iron
      DecoShield Systems, Inc.
      Dinico Lighting Company
      Elite Aluminum Fence Products
      Empire Fence and Wall, Inc.
      Erdle Perforating Company
      Esmet, Inc.
      Floline Architechtural Systems
      Frontier Technologies
      GKD Metal Fabrics
      Gordon, Inc.
      Grice Engineering, Inc.
      Hayn Enterprises, LLC
      Hi Tech Metals
      Historical Arts and Casting, Inc.
      Horton Automatics
      Indital USA
      Industrial Louvers, Inc.
      Iron Age Furniture
      J. Sussman, Inc.
      Johnson Bros. Metal Forming Co.
      Kee Industrial Products, Inc.
      Leed / Himmel Industries, Inc
      Metalwerks - Metal Sales & Service, Inc.
      Moutrie Manufacturing Company
      Munns Manufacturing, Inc.
      Nudo Products, Inc.
      P & P Artec
      Pittcon Industries
      Poma Corporation
      Potter-Roemer / TriStar Skylights
      Privacy Link
      Railing Dynamics, Inc.
      Rimex Metals, Inc.
      Rulon Company
      Safety Technology International, Inc.
      Southern Aluminum Finishing Company
      Southwest Metalsmiths, Inc.
      Stanch Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.
      Sterling Dula Architectural Products
      Suncor Stainless, Inc.
      TACO Metals
      The Sharon Companies Ltd.
      The Wiremold Company
      Thompson Fabricating, LLC
      TSM - Tubular Specialties Manufacturing, Inc.
      Turnstile Security Systems Inc.
      Wylie Systems Inc.


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